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I am a lifelong medium who has trained with many teachers in the United States and abroad.  After studying and practicing for over twenty years, I began teaching mediumship.  I currently speak and demonstrate internationally at Spiritualist churches.  

I offer private readings and demonstrations of mediumship.

 My readings are practical so I will share what comes to me through mediumistic and psychic sensations.  Together, we establish a link, confirm the connection, receive evidence, messages, and healing I enjoy the flow of Spirit and appreciate an authentic connection to the afterlife. I love reading for people who are sincere about learning the process and open to receiving communication. 

 I am writing a channeled book of love poems, some are sentiments from clients in the Spirit World.  What motivates me is to help people on Earth and in Spirit to reconnect with loved ones.  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

My awards and Certificates include:

Associates Degree and Grief Counseling Credits: Merrimack Valley College

Certified Speaker and Demonstrator: Spiritualists' National Union

Certified Teacher of Demonstrating: Spiritualists' National Union

TPS1 Tutor: Spiritualists' National Union

Certified Psychic Medium Private Sittings/Readings: LWISSD

Certified Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Assessments: Soul Space

Reiki Healer Master Level Teacher: Divine Healing

Sapphire Award for Outstanding Volunteerism: Salem, NH Chamber of Commerce

Honorary Tree Dedication For Service at Lancaster: Salem, NH Superintendent's Office

Woodbury School Volunteer Award: Salem, NH PTA

Special Endeavour Award: Spiritualists' National Union

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