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October 25, 2017

Prayer For Highest Thoughts, Words, & Actions

October 25, 2017

Please join in with me: Infinite Spirit, we ask you to come close and whisper in our ears. Help us to know what action on your behalf will hold the most loving compassion for all. Infinite Intelligence, we trust you to guide our words, thoughts and actions when the answers are unclear. We thank you for your elevated guidance dear God. Amen

The Lord's Prayer for Spiritualists

August 20, 2017

Our God who art all around us

Infinite Spirit be thy name

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done

on Earth as it is In Spirit.

Give us this day your infinite wisdom

And forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation 

But deliver us from Ego

For thine is the beauty

the love and the power forever.  Amen

Directed by Spirit through Gretchen Meisner

Church of Spiritual Life service, Derry NH

A Channeled Message from Our Loved Ones in Spirit

January 15, 2017

Our loved ones in Spirit want to reach out and comfort us. They want us to feel their presence and want us to know:..."we are all around and we love them and we can feel their feelings and we can hear their thoughts and we understand their true goals and dreams. We feel the goodness in their hearts and the purity of their spirit. we only want to bring our loved ones comfort and healing through understanding, forgiveness and love.

It is never too late to pick up the phone, to change our attitude, to retrace our steps and grow, learn, change, blossom, evolve into brighter light.

Through our dis-comfort, we heal our dis-ease. Be at ease with life. Be at ease with the choices of others. Understand that there is fear inside of all of us and that can be overwhelming to the point of avoidance at times.

Please know that you are stronger than you know. you are stronger than can ever be imagined. You are beyond any reproach. you are above condemnation. our lives are put into play to remind ourselves to trust ourselves, trust in the innate goodness of what is inside of all.

Leaving will never really be the whole process, it is always a part of the process. Our bodies are like the bread and as we leaven our bread, we must leaven our bodies so that we rise and connect by filling with the air which is God. It is the way the Spirit enters the body and the method through which the soul exits. Be the dough for God to live through. Be the love for your brothers and sisters. Help them to remember that it is only through God and the light that we live, and love, and learn and grow." Amen. Channeled by Gretchen Meisner 2017

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