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Developing Our Communication With Spirit Through Symbols

Six Week Mediumship Series

Location: Masonic Temple, 68 E Broadway, Derry, NH - sponsored by the Church of Spiritual Life.

All Levels Welcome - Materials Included – Tuesday Evenings 7-9pm, November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, December 5th, and December 12th. $15 per week or $65 for the series (if paid the first night or in advance)

Each week, the main focus will be on building our spiritual vocabulary and recording it in our workbooks. Spirit will guide us through traditional and newly channeled styles of communicating. The time together is structured but also fluid and flexible to allow the most learning to take place for whoever is present. Attendance every week is encouraged but not required.

-Participants will receive a notebook/workbook to record symbols.

-Weekly discussions about how Spirit communicates with us through symbols.

-Meetings will include sitting in the quiet to relax and spend time with Spirit.

-Symbols will be received through mediumship, shared, validated and recorded.

-The Workshop will also include weekly exercises to discover how Spirit is communicating with us.

-Participants will have the opportunity to work at their ability level and will be encouraged to grow.

The purpose of the workshop series is to foster mediumship development. Many are needed to support the spiritual church community. We are all mediums and we use our enhanced symbols as tools of communication to lead churches, demonstrate, organize, teach, prove the continuity of life, and support each other from a place of kindness, joy, peace, and love.

Facilitated by Gretchen Meisner, (603) 234-5402

Gretchen is a Spirit-led psychic medium, trained in both the American and European traditions. She is a long-time Spiritualist and member of the Church of Spiritual Life in Derry, NH. Gretchen holds multiple certifications and degrees in healing, psychic-mediumship, business, and psychology.  

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