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Poetry For The Spirit

Inspired-Soul Paintings and Poetry

Wisdom of The Ages

March 20, 2021

Across the mighty plains

the wild beasts run free.

No one to answer to

besides the majesty.

Being among the mountains

The valleys across the rail.

They go the mighty herds,

down each and every trail.

Singing songs of wisdom

as their hooves do roam.

Knowing that this place

on Earth is not their home.

A regency beyond all

that they feel is near.

Is the mighty call.

of the spirit they hold dear.

Of the one the buffalo...

on the plains they do know.

As the one who is the sun...

in Kingdom come.

Allow the sound of the herd,

to resonate within.

Allow all the cleansing

and releasement of your sin.

Know of the little one,

who travels deep inside.

Protected from the others,

who outside do abide.

Let yourself be within

the circle round and round.

Know their songs protect you,

wherever on the ground.

They are there for you,

to surround you when you speak.

The wisdom of the ages

there for all others who seek.

-Gretchen Meisner

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